The 7L Cabin

an off-grid building adventure

The 7L Cabin is a hand-built labour of love on Gambier Island, near Vancouver BC. We’ve been visiting this island ever since we moved to BC over twenty years ago (we even got married there!) so when a friend invited us to be his land partner, we jumped at the chance, and began our off-grid building adventure.

Before we even started building we made a list of criteria we wanted to use to build something that was true to our values and our resources. These became our seven L’s.

  • Local
  • Logical
  • Low-impact
  • Long-lasting
  • Lots of uses
  • Low-cost
  • Loveable

We designed our cabin around reclaimed windows, used hand-milled wood for beams and posts, and over the years more than 75 friends and family have helped us to create a space inspired and shaped by these goals.

About Gambier Island

Located in Howe Sound, Gambier Island is reachable by water taxis from Horseshoe Bay and by ferry from Gibsons