The property

We’re looking for a land partner to share our love of this amazing space!

Minutes from Horsehoe Bay and surrounded by park
Property is over 13 acres with about 50 meters of waterfront situated on the East side of Halkett Bay. It is virtually surrounded by provincial park.

Building sites with solar & well access
The proposed building site(s) are at the top of the hill on a rock ledge that overlooks the bay to the West and views of the North Shore Mountains to the East. Other sites could be considered.

The lot has reliable functioning water, septic and solar power system with connections very close to the proposed building site.

The dock is located at the bottom of the hill (in the upper left of the image) and is shared with all the 8 other neighbours in the development.

The waterfront is fairly steep and improved access is planned to be developed.

Shared amenities include
+a guest structure (that also hosts the solar power system)
+a wood shed
+a medium sized fenced-in garden
+a 2006 Kawasaki Mule Trans 2010 vehicle for transportation to the dock which is a 3 minute drive or 15 minute walk.

How it works
We’re looking for a land partner to share our love of this amazing place! Our previous agreement covered
+How the common expenses for solar power, septic, water or any other agreed to shared expenses are balanced.
+What are acceptable uses of the land.
+What is the process if one or both parties would like to sell their share of the land.